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Canyon Marine Whitewater

Rating the Arkansas River Whitewater Rapids
Canyon Marine Whitewater
I - Moving water, riffles, small waves
II - Easy rapids, waves clear channels
III - Large waves, obstacles, narrow passages
IV - Long rapids, unavoidable waves, many obstacles
V - Violent rapids, extremely difficult, unseen hazards
VI - Unpredictable, dangerous, nearly impossible to run

River conditions and ratings change with flow levels. Whitewater boating has risk at all ratings and levels.

Canyon Marine Whitewater

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Granite to Buena Vista
Canyon Marine Whitewater Granite Map

Buena Vista to Stone Bridge
Canyon Marine Whitewater
Buena Vista Map

Stone Bridge to Rincon
Canyon Marine Whitewater
Stone Bridge Map

Rincon to Pinnacle Rock
Canyon Marine Whitewater
Pinacle Rock Map

Pinnacle Rock to Pink House
Canyon Marine Whitewater
Pinacle Rock Map

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